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Aho & Associates provides focused forensic accounting and forensic advisory services to businesses, non-profits, legal counsel, fiduciaries, and law enforcement.

We deliver accurate, reliable, and confidential answers to clients in the following areas:

We have been very pleased with our relationship with Aho and Associates. After many years of working with other forensic accounting experts, in large Lender Liability cases, we found working with Aho and Associates to result in a great benefit to our client at a reasonable and affordable cost. They quickly understood our client’s issues, his unsophisticated accounting and record keeping systems, and provided a great result.

Donald F. Drummond, Principal

Drummond & Associates 

Investigation by Aho & Associates reveals asset misappropriation by co-owner of restaurant chain, forcing co-owner to sell his interest in the business at a value that accounted for his misappropriations.  More...


Aho & Associates provides forensic financial services to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office in an elder financial abuse case that results in a four-year prison sentence for the offender.  More...


Aho & Associates assists spouse negotiate favorable marital dissolution property settlement from husband who used $15m construction business to hide and under-report substantial divisible assets.  More...