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Civil litigation

Aho & Associates provides financial forensic services to attorneys and unrepresented litigants involved in civil litigation and ADR matters.

Our professional services include financial forensic analyses, fraud investigations, assistance with discovery efforts, and case theory.  We provide our services in pending and ongoing litigation as a case consultant or as a neutral court appointed expert.


Our extensive civil litigation experience includes a wide variety of cases, including:


  • Construction claims

  • Bankruptcy actions

  • Mortgage servicing disputes

  • Contested partnership accountings

  • Creditor-debtor loan compliance actions

  • Internal employment and HR actions

We can help

If you are presently involved in litigation or anticipate litigation, we strongly recommend that you contact us early in the case, before any discovery period has passed or other critical deadlines are close at hand.  Even if a document discovery request is timely made, most financial institutions—for example—can be excruciatingly slow in responding.  It is also fairly common to receive incomplete records or records that lead to additional requests.

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