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Criminal matters

All categories of financial crimes have grown significantly over the past 20 years.  Occupational fraud and elder financial abuse in particular have grown to the point where both are now depressingly pervasive and ruinously costly.  Financial crimes are multi-faceted, difficult to investigate, and can be so complicated that these cases can overwhelm the resources and expertise of prosecutors and defense counsel alike.

Given this evolving landscape, forensic accountants are now being used more frequently by both sides in criminal matters, especially when the case involves substantial losses, a fragile victim, voluminous records, or a highly complicated or problematic fact pattern.

We can help

Aho & Associates provides forensic accounting and fraud investigation services to law enforcement, prosecutors, and defense counsel.  We assist our clients in;

  • Formulating discovery requests

  • Consulting on case theory and development

  • Advising client case/staff investigators

  • Analyzing financial data, associated documents, social media, and other potential sources for inculpatory and exculpatory financial evidence

  • Reviewing findings of investigators and opposing experts

Financial crimes cases rarely turn on a single piece of evidence, or ‘smoking gun.’  Most cases depend on a series of small pieces of evidence, subtle patterns, and other obscure indicia of what truly occurred.  Not surprisingly, uncovering and translating these small pieces into a larger picture can take time.  Consequently, we strongly recommend that you contact us early in the case, before any discovery period has passed or other critical deadlines are close at hand.  Even if a document discovery request is timely made, most financial institutions—for example—can be excruciatingly slow in responding.  It is also fairly common to receive incomplete records or records that lead to additional requests.

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